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The offices of City Government are housed at 425 E. Oak Ave., Suite 301, in downtown Visalia. Representatives include: City Mayor; City Councilmembers; City Manager; and Chief Deputy City Clerk. Information: (559) 713-4512.


Visalia is serviced by a variety of city departments and divisions that do everything from providing public safety and recreation to implementing public works projects and facilitating the building construction process within the city limits. While city departments in large part drive the day-to-day operations of local government, they also provide a variety of direct, citizen-oriented services.

Each department maintains a section within the city's website that provides both background information as well as details about ongoing programs and how the public can interface with the various components of Visalia's government.

City Clerk

Michael Olmos is the City Manager/City Clerk. Michelle Nicholson serves as the Chief Deputy City Clerk and oversees the day-to-day operations of the City Clerk's Office.

The City Clerk's Office is a service agency, the oldest in municipal government, and is the principal link between the City Council and the citizens of the City.

The City Clerk serves as Clerk to the City Council and is responsible for preparing the Council's meeting agendas and keeping the official recordings of actions taken at City Council meetings. In addition, the City Clerk:

  • Processes Council agreements and records official documents, such as City Council resolutions and ordinances;
  • Keeps the City's Municipal Code current;
  • Arranges and coordinates general municipal elections with County government and is the local filing officer for Fair Political Practices Commission campaign filings and statements of economic interest, and;
  • Keeps a current local appointment list of community members that the City Council has appointed to Committees and Commissions . Community members who are interested in serving on these Committees and Commissions are urged to contact the City Clerk's Office for an application.
  • Prepares Proclamations and Resolutions of Commendations for issuance by the Mayor and City Council.

City Council meeting schedule

Local Appointment List

Committees and Commissions Application

Committees and Commissions Handbook

Municipal Code

Request for issuance of Proclamation/Resolution of Commendation

Contact Visalia City Clerk

425 E. Oak Avenue , Suite 301, Visalia , CA 93291

(559) 713-4512

City Manager

Mike Olmos, a Tulare County native, has been with the City of Visalia since 2001.

Hired as the City Planner, Mike served in that capacity until his promotion to Development Services Director, later renamed Community Development Director, in December, 2002. As a department head, he oversaw the Planning, Transit, and Engineering Divisions. After a reorganization in 2004, he assumed additional responsibility for overseeing the Public Works Department and was appointed Community Development and Public Works Director. In 2005, Mike was appointed Assistant City Manager.

Prior to working with the City, Mike worked for the City of Reedley as its Community Development Director and later as Assistant City Manager. He had worked for 11 years with the Tulare County Planning and Development Department. Mike's experience in land use planning spans 38 years, with extensive experience in municipal planning. He has held senior management level positions in planning agencies for over 15 years.

He is a member of the Downtown Rotary Club.

He has a bachelor's degree in Economics from California State University, Fresno. He and his wife, Gail, have two sons.

Mike can be reached at (559) 713-4332 or by email at .

Economic Development Department

The City of Visalia has a very balanced economy with a diverse mix of industrial, retail, service, governmental and professional office activities.

With a population of 125,000 and surrounded by several smaller communities, Visalia captures the market of a total population of approximately 630,000.

Engineering Division

The mission of the City of Visalia's Engineering Division is to manage the planning, design and construction of public infrastructure projects; to provide transportation planning and traffic engineering services to the public, other departments and other agencies; to provide technical support to the planning department and building division on engineering issues related to private development projects; to provide emergency management technical services during natural disasters; to maintain and improve the city's mapping system and provide survey information for public and private projects; and to provide maintenance and repair of the city's infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner while providing a high level of customer service and a safe work environment for city employees.

Finance Department

To provide quality financial services by providing a high level of accountability for public funds, meeting or exceeding the customer's expectation, timely and accurately delivering information and a bias towards continuous improvement.

Finance is responsible for the City's fiscal operations including the planning, directing, monitoring, and improving the City's financial resources. The Finance Department consists of seven divisions: 1) Management; 2) Budget & Analysis; 3) Accounting; 4) Utilities Billing; 5) Materials Management; 6) Property Management; 7) Non-Departmental. The Management division is responsible for the planning and directing of the City's financial resources. The Budget & Analysis division is responsible for preparation of the Budget, Capital Improvement Program, and Audit Report along with the treasury functions. The Accounting division is responsible for various accounting functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and other general accounting functions. The Utilities Billing division is responsible for the collection of utility billing revenue for the City. The Materials Management division handles the City's centralized purchasing function. The Property Management division manages leases for all City-owned property. Non-Departmental division accounts for costs associated not directly associated with any single department such as property tax collection charges, non-profit support and general revenue and expenditures.

Fire Department

On July 4, 1869 the Visalia Fire Department was formed. Over 143 years later the Visalia Fire Department serves and protects the lives of approximately 128,443 people who call Visalia and the surrounding area their home.

The Fire Department protects the citizens from six stations located throughout the city. Five of these fire stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by firefighters who are prepared to handle any emergency. Fire suppression efforts are handled by four Pierce fire engines and a 105 foot Pierce aerial truck as the front-line equipment. Each apparatus is staffed with a minimum of three firefighters.

Visalia is located in the southern San Joaquin Valley , 40 miles south of Fresno and 72 miles north of Bakersfield , and 5 miles east of Highway 99 on Highway 198. Visalia is fortunate to be known as the Gateway to the Sequoias, with the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains just 50 miles to the east. Having Sequoia Park within an hour's drive, gives the citizens of Visalia many opportunities for outdoor activities among the beautiful giant sequoia trees.

Visalia Police Department

( 559) 734-8116 (NON-EMERGENCY)

Headquarters-303 S. Johnson Street, Visalia CA 93291
District 1 Sub Station-204 NW Third Avenue, Visalia CA 93291
District 2 Sub Station-4100 S. County Center, Visalia CA 93291

Public Works

The mission of the Visalia Department of Public Works is: to provide maintenance and repair of the city's infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner while providing a high level of customer service and a safe work environment for city employees; to keep streets clean and well-maintained; to provide low cost, efficient and effective Solid Waste and Waste Water utility services to the citizens of Visalia and to provide various city departments with safe and reliable means of transportation.

Risk Management

Welcome to the Risk Management Division!!

The City of Visalia's Risk Management Division provides a comprehensive range of risk management and administrative services to City Departments and the general public. We are dedicated staff, continually striving to improve the value of the services we administer. Risk staff members provide information, administration, support, advice, and guidance to other City departments, City staff and the general public.

As a division of the Administrative Services Department, the Risk Management Division is responsible for the administration of risk, insurance, safety, liability, and benefits management programs, in addition to providing resources and guidance to the organization, staff members, and the general public with regard to such programs.

What Do We Do?

The City's Risk Management Division manages and administers the following programs:

  • The City's Employee Benefits program, including administration and coordination of employee health insurance and retirement benefit programs.
  • The City's General Liability program, including the administration of liability claims, and the purchase of excess liability and property insurance policies.
  • The City's Worker's Compensation program, including the administration and and coordination of employee benefits in conjunction with the City's third party administrator.
  • The City's Employee Safety program, including the administration of the Injury & Illness Prevention Program, and oversight of the City's Safety & Training Committee.
  • The City's Risk Management program, including the coordination and administration of ADA compliance, insurance policies, exposure issues, and risk assessment protocols.

City of Visalia - Risk Management Division
707 W. Acequia Ave.
Visalia, CA 93291
(559) 713-4300 -- Fax: (559) 713-4803

Insurance & Benefits Manager
Charlotte Dunn
(559) 713-4335


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